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 Are you looking for a family friendly video chat site to make new friends, find romance or develop your existing talents?

Camsurf is your place to do all of them. You can connect with people from around the world in a safe way with Camsurf online chat ! Moreover, this website is so easy to use. Specifically, in order to start a online conversation with a complete stranger, you just have to Click to Start Button then the video chatting will begin instantly.

Common Issues About Chatting Process

There are some common problems which may occur while you are chatting. These problems are likely to be frequently about wrong demonstration of your country, webcam connection errors or webcam processing problems during the conversation.

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The first possible complication in your chats is the faulty representation of your country in the site. To illustrate, while you are chatting, the person who you are talking with may ask questions about chinese culture though you are from Belgium and you have no idea about asian culture as a whole… In all likelihood, this problem caused  by your stated location and you can solve this problem in a few steps; controlling your IP settings whether it is based in a different country or checking that you are using a Proxy. This website shows your location according to your IP and after you collocate your IP settings, your problem is likely to be solved. Please contact our support team if you need further assistance.       

Another common problem is an occurance of the connection problems of the webcam. In this case, the first thing you should do is checking your webcam; Is it plugged in or turned on? If your webcam’s current status is proper for connection, you should verify the status of your firewall in terms of blocking access to your webcam. You may also turn off your firewall completely to ensure that the problem is not about the settings of your firewall. If you still have a problem about the webcam detection, you might contact with our support team for more advanced assistance.

You may also realize that while your webcam seem to be working, the people you are talking with can not see you. In this case, you might get in touch with our support team and inform them about your internet browser, your operating system, your type of internet connection. We assure you that your problem is going to be solved by our support team as soon as possible.

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Online Random Video Chat Alternatives

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Camsurf has many random video chat alternatives. We offer you this chat alternatives. You can choose a random video chat alternative and start to chat with strangers. You will meet new people and make new friends. Maybe you will find your soul mate on this alternative chat sites. Also, you can use chat sites for free. Now choose your favorite chat alternative and start to chat with strangers. 

Common Issues of Security

Camsurf : Recording

The most common concern about video chatting is recording by others and publishment of that recording without any permission. This behavior is completely inappropriate to our Terms and Policies and also it is a violation of your basic rights.

Camsurf : Abusement

We definitely aware that you are going to get in touch with foreign and strange people when you chatting online and our Terms and Policy is constructed with considering that issue. Consequently, If you face with a behavior that you may perceive as inappropriate to our Terms and Policy, you should inform us with the name of user and the type of behavior, especially you think that it is an harassment or persistent act. You can inform us by pressing to the “Report Abuse” button while the suspected behavior is revealing. After we examine the case you reported us, if we decided that it is a type of violence of your rights or our Terms and Policy, this user is likely to be banned for a while. The length of the ban depends on the recording of the past actions of the user or the type of behavior which is reported to us. In fact, the user may permanently suspended by us in the light of these information. 

Camsurf : Banning

As we stated above, the contravention of our Terms and Policy is resulted in banning of the user who show the violence behavior. You can find detailed information about the attitudes which are considered as abusement or violation in our Terms of Use which is located in our Acceptable Use Policy. You can also examine our Community Guidelines which contains some instances and proposals to abstain inappropriate actions.

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